lift repair staffordshire

Quadrant Lifts Ltd can upgrade modernise any make of escalator or lift to an exceptional standard at a very competitive rate. As a building ages, it is only natural that a lift may need modernising, we can help upgrade and maintain this important investment.

With our fully equipped fabrication workshop we are able to construct bespoke parts and components to improve lift performance and keep it in the best possible working order. All lift work and escalator components comply with British legal standards to meet your lift insurance policy requirements.

Quadrant Lifts Ltd are happy to inspect you lift facilities and provide a free no obligation quote to discuss in more detail any modification requirements you may have.

Modernisation and upgrade services include:

  • Lift speed

  • Lift car top control systems

  • Lift intercom systems

  • Lift auto diallers

  • Lift control panel systems

  • Emergency alarm systems

  • Protective padded drapes and hooks

  • Lift re-levelling

  • Enhancements to ride quality, reliability

  • Aesthetic enhancements to entrances and interiors